Improve Your Mixing - Part 2

Improve Your Mixing - Part 2
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Improve Your Mixing - Part 2

Improve Your Mixing is a 10 tutorial series created and taught by King the composer for those using FL Studio ak fruity loops for music production and songwriting. Topics covered include how to equalize, when to use a parametric eq or a graphic eq, what is compression, how to apply compression and when to apply compression. also other topics include levels, effects, instrument choices and even songwriting. 

Audio engineering is a skill that mut be developed and this package helps you develop your skills to their highest potential.

King David teaches in a clean , clear, concise way so that you retain what you learn for years to come!

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Most classes in this series are an hour or more and are in FLV format. We have a free flv player you can download in our FREE section to watch it either on Mac or PC.


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